Visual Quality Plan rural area of Zoeterwoude
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Visual Quality Plan rural area of Zoeterwoude

To maintain a beautiful landscape it is important to aim continuously for a high visual quality.

Acoording to the high visual quality the municipality and the residents / landowners have a joint responsibility. The municipality of Zoeterwoude has therefore asked Brons + partners landscape architects to develop a visual quality plan for the rural area. This plan is in line with the recent zoning plan for the rural side.

For the several polders and every long-stretched village, the characteristics are visualized in the Visual Quality Plan. Special attention has been given to the architectural monuments present in the landscape. From the perspective of visual quality, a spatial appreciation and a vision for the future are also established. Moreover, the reference to the guidelines focused on creating visual quality in the rural areas are important, as they have to be used for future developments.

These guidelines are specific rules which have to be applied to all spatial developments in the area. The overall goal of these guidelines is to bring together individual wishes for new developments with the aim to preserve a beautiful countryside with a recognizable identity. The guidelines should be applied by both the government as professional and private initiators. Some examples of these are the preservation of the openness of the polders, preserving the rural character of the farmsteads and the use of local vegetation. Every long-stretched village has its own characteristics (location of buildings relative to roads, water, vistas etc) which have to be monitored and supported by new developments.

The Visual Quality Plan is an inspiring document which also functions as a key framework when spatial plans are submitted to the municipality. The application of the guidelines therefore makes such spatial plans also more likely to succeed. With a joint effort and a clear focus on visual quality, the beautiful countryside of Zoeterwoude can be preserved for the future!

Project number: 1003

Location: Zoeterwoude

Client: Municipality of Zoeterwoude

Product: Visual Quality Plan

Year: 2010

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