"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them", 

Walt Disney 1901-1966



'Building your dreams' stands for believing in innovation, with the aim to create a pleasant living and working environment. To build dreams means that we understands the needs of our clients and finding their ambitions valuable.  and analyzes and solutions departing from different research methods. So we discovered that the revaluation of old existing green structures can be extremely valuable when considering new developments. But also introducing new green-blue networks as a green lung for the city, for example, recreation, food, safe routes for slow traffic and preventing heat stress  are functions that can be included in these networks.



'Exploring the impossible' goes beyond standard analyzes and provides results on the identity of the area as a springboard for new developments. Ideas deserve a chance, even if they seem apparently not feasible at first sight. In conducting research into spatial qualities, opportunities and development opportunities we explain results from different working methods and group them together. Tasks such as developing a pleasant living environment, water and greenery in the city, sustainable mobility and climate adaptation, often provide valuable unexpected combinations, and a inspiring range of new possibilities.


'Developing the Future' stands for future-visions and robust designs that are interdisciplinary developed and implemented, feasible and sustainable. Brons + partners develops spatial frameworks for new developments, such as structural visions and landscape plans. In addition, the development of master plans is the prelude to design and implementation. Where needed  and supported by specific expertise, we create spatial plans and designs ready for implementation.


We believe in the future and its new challenges, these are inspiring frameworks for more sustainable and  cleaner cities, with a pleasant living environment. Besides this, more and more rural areas has the potential of being powerful counterparts,  very valuable and where many new challenges will get in place. Recreation and touristic  development, the water protection program and the energy challenge forms major challenges.


We would like to find out what the added value for you could be by these transformation processes. Try us.

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