Leisure and tourism

The completion of green structures around the cities gives new focus to the touristic development and recreational use and experience of the rural areas. New business cases and successful developments for the area in cooperation with entrepreneurs deliver new economic values to potential recreation regions.


Brons + partners translates for you together with experts, on the local or regional scale, ambitions of entrepreneurs and policy makers in appealing touristic development visions. Presuming to connect and strengthen the local qualities, master plans, detailed work outs for the area, designs and business plans arise for attractive recreational and touristic networks and projects.

Vision coast development Camperduin
In commission of the municipality of Bergen, Brons + partners develops a vision for the future development of Camperduin, a small village along the No...


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Sluiseiland; Green long for the city of Gouda
Because of the enlargement of the Juliana lock, the idea raised to redevelop this isle of Gouda into a green long with lots of opportunities to recrea...


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New recreation concept for Lake Hume, Australia
Southern Cross Parks, Australia, has asked Brons + partners to develop a new concept for in Tallangatta, 500 km North of Melbourne for the run-down L...


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Zellingplein, rest- and viewpoint along river
The Zellingplein offers a new view- and rest point for cyclists and walkers in the elbow between the provincial highway N207 and the new bridge over t...


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Flow; masterplan to experience the river Lek
In the context of the overarching project for the River Lek, Brons + partners developed a proposal for the province of Utrecht to reinforce the experi...


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Renovation recreation park Narrabri Australia
In the autumn of 2013 Brons + partners got involved by the renovation of the Horsham Recreation Park in Narrabri, New South Wales, about 500 kilometer...


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Chinese delegation visits Amsterdam forest
In August 2013 Brons + Partners landscape architects was honored to guide a Chinese delegation interested in Dutch recreation development. We took a b...


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Exploration parkresort in coast zone Albania
In response to a question from an investor Brons and partners explored the possibilities to develop an exclusive parkresort in the coast zone of Alban...


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Masterplan Sluiseiland
One section of the northern part of Sluiseiland (Gouda) will be sacrificed with the arrival of a second lock. Moreover, more space is required for the...


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Forest hotel Overberg
Creating the superb concept for a new hotel in a forested area. Brons + partners was involved in the landscaping and the conceptual design of this new...


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