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The construction or modification of roads, waterways and dikes often has a large spatial impact on the landscape and its users. The arrival of a new line or modification means a new addition in the historically evolved landscape, with many sensitivities.

Brons + partners works complementary to the technical design on visions for the integration and design of routes, nodes and engineering structures. In the planning process, we expect to strengthen region-related qualities and organize an intensive involvement of stakeholders. We search through an integrated approach for opportunities to connect the assignment with other functions. We are working together with many specialists to apply the latest innovations. With understated design, planting plans and sustainable materials, we contribute to the identity of the living environment.

Advisor 'A-team' Climate adaptation
A broad coalition of government, business , industry associations and research institutes will work in the coming decades on a water robust and climat...


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Vision coast development Camperduin
In commission of the municipality of Bergen, Brons + partners develops a vision for the future development of Camperduin, a small village along the No...


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Sluiseiland; Green long for the city of Gouda
Because of the enlargement of the Juliana lock, the idea raised to redevelop this isle of Gouda into a green long with lots of opportunities to recrea...


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Zellingplein, rest- and viewpoint along river
The Zellingplein offers a new view- and rest point for cyclists and walkers in the elbow between the provincial highway N207 and the new bridge over t...


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Supervision realization nature and landscape plan
After a plan process of five years the measures to fit in the provincial highway in the polder landscape south of the city of Gouda are being executed...


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Supervision Realization dike reinforcement t Gein
After years of preparation, the reinforcement of the dike along the beautiful River Gein has been started. In this long lasting plan process Brons + p...


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Flow; masterplan to experience the river Lek
In the context of the overarching project for the River Lek, Brons + partners developed a proposal for the province of Utrecht to reinforce the experi...


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Water retention area fits in the landscape
After five years of planning and preparation, the realization of the water retention area is a fact. In October 2013 this area was officially opened b...


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Landscape design Carpool place Cothen
The Province of Utrecht wants to stimulate the reduce of energy. According to this goal she will built five carpool places along provincial roads befo...


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Sketch design to fit in a bridge in the landscape
Sketch design to fit in a bridge in the landscape of Vechterweerd At the invitation of the water board Groot Salland, Brons + partners landscape a...


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Reconstruction square railway station and KW road
In assignment of Reef Infra, Brons + partners participated in a team of professionals to deliver a design for a public tender in a short time. The des...


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Exploration parkresort in coast zone Albania
In response to a question from an investor Brons and partners explored the possibilities to develop an exclusive parkresort in the coast zone of Alban...


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Replanting plan 't Gein
A dike improvement plan has been created by Waternet during the last two years. From the beginning there was a lot of resistance against this plan bec...


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Consultation and vision landscaping Brons + partners made a vision for the different routes of the 'Rijnlandroute' commissioned by the Province of...


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Rerouting A9
Embedding new highway A9 Brons + partners landscape architects has been working on the landscape embedding of the rerouted A9-highway, in collabora...


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Gascompressorstation Wijngaarden
For a gas compressor station at Wijngaarden, a vegetation and maintenance plan is drawn as a continuation of the landscape design. In this plan the de...


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Maintenance plan dikes river 't Gein
Waternet, board for the rivers surrounding Amsterdam, is working on preparations for the improvement of the dikes along the river 't Gein. The ambitio...


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Planting plan highway A2
The National water board has been working on the widening of the A2, a highway between Amsterdam and Utrecht. Part of the expansion is the implantatio...


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Spatial qualities of the river t Gein
Along the river Gein, the dikes will have to be enforced and partly raised on both sides. The dikes are situated in the outskirts of Abcoude, south of...


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Masterplan Sluiseiland
One section of the northern part of Sluiseiland (Gouda) will be sacrificed with the arrival of a second lock. Moreover, more space is required for the...


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Landscape embedding highway N322
Tender of Province Gelderland, 'Looking far away and connecting' 'Looking far away and connecting' has everything to do with the ambition of BAM, a...


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