Climate adaptation

Climate change is a worldwide problem that can’t be longer ignored. In the Netherlands The Delta program 2015 provides five decisions the Netherlands can remain safe and livable in 2050, aiming to be prepared for flooding, extreme rainfall, drought and heat. Besides Flood and Freshwater, Spatial adaptation is the third topic. Is is the joint responsibility of municipalities, provinces and water boards to develop policies to accommodate climate change before 2030. In 2050 both urban as rural areas have to be climate proof.


Director Rudy Brons is appointed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Milieu as adviser to the 'A-team'. This team will provide specific advice on strategies, measurements and the implementation of the Delta program. Climate adaptation offers opportunities to combine functions in a renewed spatial organization and improvement of the living environment. Brons + partners develops these green-blue networks with complementary disciplines and experts. We  translate these integrated designs assignments into the urban open space.

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