Vision coast development Camperduin
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Vision coast development Camperduin

In commission of the municipality of Bergen, Brons + partners develops a vision for the future development of Camperduin, a small village along the North Sea coastline. This project derives from the national project ‘Coast on Strength’ in which the Hondsbossche and Pettemer sea wall is determined as weak part in the national coast defending system.

To enforce this coast wall, 200m of new dunes and beach will be artificially made on the sea side of this sea wall. The municipality has a need for a vision on the new use of these dunes and beaches in relationship to the small village and the particular surrounding landscapes of dunes and polders. The project also offers a chance to improve the spatial quality of Camperduin and the surrounding environment.

In the approach of B+P the identity of Camperduin, in combination with chances for new recreational functions and the wishes of the local community will form the starting points for the future spatial organization and quality of this authentic township and her environment.

Successful Work conference Camperduin
In the context of the Vision for Camperduin, a successful interactive work conference has been held. Inhabitants and entrepreneurs out of the environment could bring in their wishes about new recreation facilities along the coast, in the dunes and in the open space and private plots in and around the village. By every wish Brons + partners gave a first reaction of this development would fit in the concept of the vision or could be a worthwhile addition or constraint. At the same time we searched for integration with the plan to reinforce the coast with new wide dunes and beaches.

First step after this meeting is the screening of the proposals by the regional Water board.
Second step will be the acceptance of changes in the vision by the municipality council.
And in the last step the final vision for this unique coast village Camperduin will be confirmed by the citycouncel.

Project number: 1220

Location: Camperduin along Northsea coast

Client: municipality of Bergen

Product: Vision

Year: 2012-2014

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