Spatial qualities of the river t Gein
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Spatial qualities of the river t Gein

Along the river Gein, the dikes will have to be enforced and partly raised on both sides. The dikes are situated in the outskirts of Abcoude, south of Amsterdam. Dike improvements have an influence on the landscape values and the cultural heritage. Especially in t Gein, a beautiful small river being visualized by various artists, the picturesque landscape is highly valued. Brons & partners has been commissioned to work on both the content as the process and contribute to the draft for the overall dike improvement. This has resulted in the 'Plan book for spatial quality'.

In this plan book, a preferred landscape improvement for the dikes is expressed. By breaking down the spatial qualities of the river Gein, on the one hand the spatial diversity is shown and on the other hand a helping hand is given to look at the river from another viewpoint. Subsequently, the spatial effects of the various technical solutions for the reinforcement of the dike have been made visible. Alternative solutions for the dike improvement are assigned to different parts of the dike and specific solutions are proposed for e.g. farmsteads. The aim to preserve as many trees as possible has been guiding for the design process. This process proves to be successful, while only about hundred trees have to be removed, from the 2000 in total.

Project number: 903

Location: t Gein

Client: Waternet

Product: Advice to integrate spatial qualities by reinforce

Year: 2009-2010

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