Omlegging A9
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Rerouting A9

Embedding new highway A9

Brons + partners landscape architects has been working on the landscape embedding of the rerouted A9-highway, in collaboration with the engineering firm Witteveen + Bos. On the 23th of April 2012, the minister of Infrastructure and Environment (Schultz van Haegen) has signed the decisive document of this route, of which this landscape plan is part of.

South of Badhoevedorp, a village near Schiphol Airport, the new highway A9 is planned. The task for this highway is to develop a future-proof embedding in the existing, highly dynamic landscape. This rerouting of the A9 is the first step of a large-scale transformation of the so-called 'Schiphol triangle'. The concept of the embedding the route in the landscape refers to the experience and the structure of the authentic open, flat polder landscape of the Haarlemmermeer. Within the orthogonal structure of this polder, typical Dutch themes like a grid of water, dikes, trees and fields with bulbs are used to design the important infrastructural nodes. These nodes also form an attraction within the recreational network.

Within the landscape architectural task, for two infrastructural nodes nearby Badhoevedorp along the A9 a level of ambition is set. These two places have high potential to show the history of the polder. The feeling of rhythm, connected to the grid of the polder, is part of the design of the infrastructural nodes.

Project number: 902

Client: Rijkswaterstaat

Product: Advice on landscape embedding

Year: 2009-2012

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