Maintenance plan dikes river 't Gein
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Maintenance plan dikes river 't Gein

Waternet, board for the rivers surrounding Amsterdam, is working on preparations for the improvement of the dikes along the river 't Gein. The ambition is to create a safe and beautiful dike, but these two aspects tend to contradict to each other. Currently, 4500 trees are aligning the dike. A condition to preserve these trees is good maintenance of the trees and shrubs , so they will be healthy and will not grow to high (think of the frequently occurring pollard willows). Under these conditions the safety of the dikes can be guaranteed.

Since the ownership and maintenance of the dikes lays at many different owners, there is a need for an overall maintenance plan. In this plan, clear guidelines are set out for a sustainable maintenance of the several plantings along the dikes, in order to guarantee the safety of the dikes.

During two bicycle field trips the essence of the plan is communicated with a group, who represents the inhabitants of this area. This communication will contribute to the support for the plan by the many different owners of the land along the dikes.

Project number: 1021

Location: Het Gein

Client: Waternet

Product: Maintenance plan

Year: 2011

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