Landscape embedding highway N322
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Landscape embedding highway N322

Tender of Province Gelderland, 'Looking far away and connecting'

'Looking far away and connecting' has everything to do with the ambition of BAM, an engineering firm, to embed the new road (N322) as natural as possible in the existing landscape. Some other aspects also played an important role: ecology, the design of viaducts and bridges and the design of several artworks. Brons + partners landscape architects has been like a spider in a web, directing the design team and acting as a contact for BAM considering spatial quality.

The construction of the new N322 creates a new era in the area called 'county of Maas and Waal', referring to the two rivers dominating the landscape. To fit the road in the current landscape, the new line is 'connected' by engaging with the existing landscape characteristics of the area, the existing recreational routes and the ecology. 'Looking far away' is about the visual openness of the open river landscape.

Project number: 901

Location: Land van Maas en Waal

Client: BAM Wegen bv

Product: Infrastructure

Year: 2009

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