Flow; masterplan to experience the river Lek
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Flow; masterplan to experience the river Lek

In the context of the overarching project for the River Lek, Brons + partners developed a proposal for the province of Utrecht to reinforce the experience and visibility of the River Lek. This proposal, called FLOW, is made for the environment of the River Lek between the two historical cities Vreeswijk and Vianen.

FLOW sees history as a rich storyline. She creates an innovative experience concept with interactions between people, nature, landscape, cities and economics, using social media as an additional tool. FLOW emphasizes the qualities of the river area, invites to participate in activities, facilitates access, corresponds to existing initiatives and let users share their experiences. She follows the seasons and is humble in her interventions in the dynamic and natural river landscape.

In for themes connections are made with the River Lek.
- The landscape beauty; a new view point on the old bridge, that offers a splendid view over both riversides and cities.
- The golden Age of cities and shipping; by the ferry between Vianen and Vreeswijk compasses will be located which refer to navigate distances and a sequence of interventions in the water system. In one of the local museums a holographic scale model will be built together with the interested parties. It will bring history alive.
- The natural diversity; on the pillars of the bridge birds who live in this area will be presented.
- The water safety; excursions from the barrage will offer explanation about water management and fishing traps.

By social media, like a QR code, a face book page and a webpage, route and background information can be downloaded and observations can be shared with other users. FLOW could be the beginning of a comprehensive approach for the total area of the river Lek.

Project number: 1317

Location: river area Lek Vianen - Nieuwegein

Client: proposal for the province of Utrecht

Product: Masterplan and excecutionplan

Year: 2013

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