Brons + Partners Landscaping is founded by Rudy Brons in 1997.

The projects of the office implies several fields of landscaping on different scales. The core of many projects is to recognize the identity of the spot and to use these identity by the new tasks.

For every type of project will on forehand be looked into witch type of discipline it implies.  

We work in different project teams and together with our partners we form a varied network of: architects, planners, photographers, futurists, graphic designers and artists.

More and more is being worked in this style of network structure.

The bureau is managing al his projects from his office in the Netherlands. The past years there have been projects managed by us all over the world. We had several projects in Australia and we have been in contact with urban planners and city counselors in China discussing the leisure development and sustainable regional visions. 


The office is specialized at the development of field visions and generates special designs for these issues. Important for the bureau during the designing phase are the themes such as climate change and the Blue Economy.

Spatial issues with themes such as dike and coast improvement, sustainable landscapes, (re)developing estates, urban green structures, infrastructure challenges and recreation concepts belong to the work field of the bureau.

Rudy Brons is responsible for the daily management and, in addition to his work as a landscape architect, involved in acquisitions and product development. After his career in Japan and England, he developed with his Boskoopse background as a designer to a landscape architect,  involved in integrated spatial development and design. Rudy is involved in climate change related projects, metropolitan visions, infrastructure projects, redevelopment of the urban environment and water related projects. Also redevelopment of recreation parks  and estate development are part of his expertise. His passion is to discover and analyze 'empty landscapes'  all over the world. As a process manager Rudy  is experienced of controlling large scale projects with many participants and inspiring them to invest their best knowledge into the project. Being an inspirator, keeping the project on the track and deliver concepts an design ideas he brings in his experience. As a sport he cycles, if the opportunity is there, as an endurance athlete through Europe.


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